Loan Modifications

If you’re looking for a fresh start to solve a delinquency, a loan modification may be the perfect solution - We can help.

Among the options to relieve home loan distress is loan modification. This entails working with your existing lender to change the terms of your current loan. Loan modifications are not refinances or new loans. A loan modification may entail a reduction with your interest rate, principal forbearance, structural changes (like changing from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate), and other term changes. Our team will work with your lender on your behalf to determine opportunities to change terms and negotiate with your lender. This option is viable for homeowners who are behind on monthly payments, have an “upside-down” mortgage, and for homeowners who are at risk for foreclosure.

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Foreclosure Assistance

If you’re facing foreclosure for any reason and need to discuss relief options, learn more about our assistance opportunities.

Loan Modifications

Are you wondering about changing your interest rate, lowering your payment, or changing other terms of your loan? We can help!

Short Sales

Is short selling your home right for you? We can determine if this option is right for you, and help manage your short sale from start to finish.

Real Estate Services

Our experts are licensed real estate professionals and specialize in a full range of real estate services.

Stop an Auction

We can help stop auctions so you retain control of your home.

Financial / Legal Guidance

Our network of financial, legal, and real estate experts are on hand for guidance and help. Just reach out!

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